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Would you like to create what you have in your mind but you don´t know how? advertising, spot tv, commercials for your brand, architectural visualization, interior design, product design, product advertisement, ... All you need with Creativity & 3D is possible, contact me and together we will do it. Here you can watch my Showreel

Daniel Medina

Hi! my name is Daniel Medina, a Bristol-based 3D Motion Designer & Art Director from The Canary Islands. I use the 3D as a tool to carry out my ideas into reality, digital reality. I focus on design attractive visual projects and in the same way, create a connection between the viewers and images. I try to learn every day and I would like to collaborate with different kind of professionals, learn from them, and also, work with new clients and brands that share the same passion for art and design as I do.

I am also HDRI acquirer for Image Based Lighting. Download my free HDRI images

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